Frequently Asked Questions

1) VA Oversight (3)

1.1 VA Representation
  • exhibit high levels of personal integrity in their interactions with each other and other members of the flight simulation community;
  • abide by the rules of Thomas Cook Virtual.
  • display a high standard of airmanship when conducting flights for and on behalf of Thomas Cook Virtual, whether in the on-line simulated ATC/flight simulator environment or as part of other events where the conduct of members reflects on the reputation of the organisation
1.2 What Aircraft can I fly witht the VA
We place very few restrictions on its members. Key restrictions include
  • Flyable aircraft by rank
  • VA Itinary takes priority to person flights. This is in place so to emulate the real world routes that Thomas Cook serviced. Moving an aircraft to a destination that it does not service will have an effect on the Itinary.
  • No restrictions on how many times you must fly within the month.
  • We expect the Thomas Cook livery to be used at all times, failure to abide by this rule will have your PIREP rejected.
1.3 Routes
Routes as in the real world are given to specific aircraft, and pilots that are at the location airport. Therefore, if your last flight is not from that airport then you cannot fly that route. You can however use the jumpseat facility that will deduct money from your virtual wage. Each aircraft for that route must be flown, your PIREP depends on it, in other words it will be rejected.

2) Flight Rules (7)

2.1 What code do I use when Flying
You should fly with your VA code,however we do allow you to fly with the flight code. The exception to this would be if you are flying a cargo flight, then your VA TCX number must be used.
2.2 How do I record a flight
All members must use our Smartcars software. This can be found within the download section of the crew center. Sometimes programs will not do as they are suppose to do, for that occasion we have a manual PIREP system that you can fill out. Please be sure to complete all fields or it could lead to being rejected.

2.3 Should I calculate Fuel
Yes it is important to accuratly calcalate your fuel. If you crash you will be deducted flight points. To much fuel and the VA will suffer a loss for the flight. You may be warned by a staff member.
2.4 How do I prepare my flight
There are two ways the first is to bid for a flight. All flights at your current destination will show along with your type rated aircraft. Once you have bid for the flight go to flight brief you can then generate a proffessional flight plan with simbrief. Please ensure you have a free account with them and also the pop up are allowed for Sim Brief.

Simbrief HERE
The advantages are that simbrief will aways have the latest AIRAC cycle installed as the VA and an accurate representation of a real world flght plan.

2.5 My Flightsim Crashed
Visit the Manual PIREP system HERE

You are only allowed to submit one manual PIREP within 25 flights wothout prior permission.
We will need a copy of your Smartcars log which can be done by pressing the copy PIRPE in the smartcars system.

The VA staff reserve the right to reject any maual PIREP and will give reasons in the comments box when doing so.
If you crash an aircraft the system will pick this up and your PIREP, if submitted will not be accepted.
2.6 How long is activity rules set at
90 days of inactivity, this is because we believe a relaxed approach to the VA and the confidence we have in our services, pilots will keep coming back to fly with us.
2.7 My PIREP was rejected !
There are a few reasons for this,
  • Incompleted flight
  • You crashed the Airplane
  • You slewed or paused your sim for more than 40 seconds
  • You flew the incorrect aircraft
  • You flew the correct aircraft but with the wrong livery.
  • You landed at the wrong airport, (Alternates allowed if malfunction) this will show on the log.

3) Flight Preparation (4)

3.1 What flight planner do I use ?
Within our system we use simbrief to generate realistic and proffessional flight plans. You will need to set up a free account and disable pop ups from the browser of your choice. The VA purchases all the latest AIRACS so you know that the plans issued will be the latest up to date plans. If there are any discrepencies you will need to update your own AIRACs on a monhly basis at a small charge.

3.2 How do I calcalate my Fuel load ?
Sim Brief will calcalate this for you within the flight plan. Please be aware that fuel is calcalated in kg's and not lbs. If you require KGs you must use an online converter.
3.3 My Bid Page only dhows one bit
All pilots in the VA can only bud for one flight ata time. Ince you bid for the fight the system will remove the bid for all other pilots.
This will also be the reason if you have seen a flight you would like to do then revisited to fly it, someone else may have picked it up. Also flights are days of the week specifphic, so what you see in the way of flights one dsy, would be totally different the day after.
3.4 What is our Cost Index
Most FMCs ask for the CI/Cost index of that aircraft.

All our airline cost cost index can be found below

4) General VA Rules (4)

4.1 Can I transfer my hours from other VAs
We allow a maximum toal number of hours of 500 to be carried across from another VA. To enable us to do this we need a live link or a screenshot  showing the total hours you have flown and your name. This should be sent through the website mailing system within your profile.
4.2 What is the rank structure
We think our ranking is well structured starting all new pilots with a probationary account.
The rank structure can be found within the crew center.
4.3 what is the percentage for on my PIREP
This is a grading of your flight. It grades your flights by assessing the mistakes you make and then deducting % from your overall total. for instance

  • Exceeding 250kts 5% deduction
  • Overspeed 5% deduction
  • Sim rate set to 128 5% deduction PIREP Rejected
  • Sim Paused 20% deduction
  • Slew mode entered 80% deduction
  • Stalling 2% deduction
  • Aircraft Crash 100% deduction PIREP Rejected
  • Landing rate -400fps and above 10% deduction
  • Bounced landing 5% deduction
  • Sim rate above normal 5% deduction PIREP Rejected
  • Aircraft changed from shedule aircraft 5% deduction
This list could be changed at any time
4.4 What is the status of aircraft in the fleet page
All aircraft suffer from general wear and tear when in service. Dependant on how a VA member flies the aircraft will depend on the wear and tear status.  If you have a bad landing or your extend flaps wwhile to fast, these have a detrimental effect on the airframe. An airframe will reach 70% and will then automatically withdrawn from service for maintenance. Another reserve aircraft may be available to take the flight with however if not then the route will be cancelled within the timetable.
All airframes will also undergo FAA mainenance checks A B C D Thoughout the year and throughout the aircrafts life, as in real world. This is why it is important to fly the aircraft well witin their limits as this also has an effect on the airframe.

5) Tours (4)

5.1 What Aircraft can I fly
All details of the correct aircraft will be placed within the details of the tour. Substitutions are allowed if you do not own a specifc aircraft.
5.2 How long can I take to complete
Some tours have an end date but most are open ended. It will be highlighted in the tour information
5.3 How long can I take to complete
Some tours have an end date but most are open ended. It will be highlighted in the tour information
5.4 Can we take part in a network tour like IVAO or VATSIM
Yes, you can create the leg on Smartcars and fly the tour. However please get intouch with our staff to find out if the legs for the tours have been updated in our database. We do not have all world airports in the database due to it slowing the system down. If you give us notice of a tour we can ensure that all airports for the legs are added.

Network Tours on System

  • IVAO World Tour 2020

6) ACARS Issues (0)

There are no any Frequently Asked Questions about "ACARS Issues".

7) General Questions (2)

7.1 Does the VA offer awards to Pilots
There are awards for absolutley everything, from completing a single tour to completing 5 tours in a row. We have hours served awards and awards for being part of the VA for a certain amount of time.
There are many awards to much to list and the more awards are introduced on a weekly basis.
Type rating awards will be on th list, for the amount of hours you spend flying a specific type of aircraft. Challenging  airports will also have an award for instance Bhutan, Innsbruck ect.
All awards are automatic and do not require you to notify staff members. The awards can be found by clicking the award menu in your profile

7.2 Cannot see my current location in flight search
The main reason for this would be that you have flown a none schedulled leg and the search does not recognise your location. You can create a flight in Smartcars or us the jump seat facility to get you to your location. Make surre you have built up enough virtual wage.
If you cannot do tis please contact us in the mail system to transfer you.

8) GDPR (1)

8.1 Cookie Policy

(Updated April 2020)

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9) Your Privacy (1)

9.1 What Is our Privacy Measures

We value your privacy


The collection and processing of information about your use of this service to subsequently personalise advertising and/or content for you in other contexts, such as on other websites or apps, over time. Typically, the content of the site or app is used to make inferences about your interests, which inform future selection of advertising and/or content.